Vinyl News

Vinyl News

Current news and innovations about our vinyl range are listed here:


Manufacturer names for vinyls

Dear customers, we would like to offer you the best and only high-quality transfer vinyls. That is why we rely on selected European manufacturers for our products. For you to see even better which manufacturer produces which vinyl, we now use the manufacturer names for all vinyl products. The following overview shows which products are being renamed. Most of the Lotus films already carried the original manufacturer designations from the beginning.
Please ask us for the latest manufacturer color charts with all new products. We will send you the first set for free!
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Vinyl names OLD Vinyl names NEW
Transflock Stripflock
Flock Prestige Plus Velcut
Flex Videoflex
Transreflex Premium Thermoreflex Special
Digi Blockout Turbo Print Blockout
Colorprint Transparent PU Crystal
Flex Moda Lack Videoflex Moda
Softprint Transparent Soft Print 3.0

Published on 15.01.2019 14:10 by Odette De Pasquali



Transflock/Stripflock wird zu Stripflock® Pro

The new PVC-free SISER film Stripflock® Pro will replace Transflock/Stripflock.
The new product will be phased-in colour by colour. The background for this measure is our goal to replace as many transfer films as possible with more environmentally friendly and OEKO-TEX® certified products. 

Published on 10.12.2018 16:09 by Odette De Pasquali